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Salvia iodantha - Mexican Fuchsia Sage

Salvia iodantha is a large shrub. In our garden it has been an upright 8 feet. A couple of plants sprawled but I cut them back hard and they re-sprouted from the base. Salvia iodantha is native to the mountains of Mexico at elevations ranging between 2,500-10,500 feet. It is hardy in the landscape into the low 20°'s though the upper portion of the plant dies back. The flowers are beautiful but the new leaves have a wonderful color of purple. As the plant blooms the color seems to flow out of the leaves and into the flowers. Salvia iodantha is a great addition to the butterfly garden as well as the hummingbird garden.

High resolution photos of Salvia iodantha are part of our garden image collection.

Salvia iodantha