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Salvia carduacea - Thistle Sage

Salvia carduacea is an annual that is native to the dry inland portions of California. Thistle sage blooms in the middle spring months. Good soil drainage conditions are a must for Salvia carduacea to thrive in the home garden. Seed germinates in disturbed areas so the Thistle Sage can be added to your wildflower mix with some likelihood of success. The prickles of the Thistle Sage are not as sharp as they look. The contrasting orange anthers and fringed purple flowers make Salvia carduacea such a lively color arrangement all by itself. Most all of the color wheel rules are broken within the space of a single flower. This photograph was taken along the old Ridge Route above the Grapevine section of I-5.

High resolution photos of Salvia carduacea are part of our garden image collection.

Salvia carduacea, Thistle Sage