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Ballerina Rosehips * Hybrid Musk Rose * 1937

Rosehips are a great source of color for the Fall and Winter Garden. Leaving the hips on the rose allows the plants to get ready for winter dormancy. So I like to leave the last crop of flowers until the hips have formed. I will sometimes use a collection of Rosehips for a flower display. Their shapes and colors vary a lot between the different varieties. I like simple flowers. And this rose sure has a lot of those. And every one will turn into a rose hip. They look like lots of little cherries. I have used them as a beer ingredient both cooked and dry hopped . . . both were excellent. The rosehips are often winter fare for the birds.

High resolution photos of the Ballerina Rosehips are part of our garden image collection.

Ballerina Rosehips