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Old Garden Roses

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Rosa mutabilis, Old Garden Roses

There are so many great Old Garden Roses that have hung on for years on their merits with only a few specialty gardens growing or selling any more than a few. There are truly a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes that roses come in, from noisettes, to gallicas, and bourbons, to name a few. There are many species roses as well, some of which have been hybridized to become the modern roses. It may be important from a breeding standpoint to maintain the gene-pool of these roses but an absolute pleasure to the senses as well.

Altissimo Rose
Belle de Portugal
Buff Beauty
Kathleen Harrop
Rosa banksiae alba plena
Rosa banksiae lutea * Lady Banks Rose
Rosa hugonis * Father Hugo's Rose
Rosa laevigata * Cherokee Rose
Rosa mutabilis * Butterfly Rose
Reine des Violettes
Rose de Rescht
Smith's Parish
Zepherine Drouhin